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TrueStim Muscle Stimulator Pro

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  • Get an exclusive package with the TrueStim Pro and experience the benefits of TENS and EMS with everything you need.
    Exclusively designed with a touchscreen device, the TrueStim Pro contains 12 modes, 6 for TENS (muscle recovering) and 6 for EMS (muscle enhancing).
    The TrueStim Pro also includes 6 channels giving you the power to wirelessly control 6 electrode pads at one time. The TrueStim Pro has been medically engineered to be the strongest unit in the TrueStim TENS/EMS collection and holds its value on the market today. 

  • TrueStim muscle stimulators have been proven to enhance the physical performance of professional athletes and Olympians for training days and off-season. Because the Trustim units alleviate pain that comes with athletic stress, there is no side effects or medication that takes place nor nutrition deficiency because blood circulation is evenly circulated within the body. Although Trustim TENS/EMS units are heavy duty for athletes, they are deliberately designed easy and simple for all individuals experiencing prolonged bed rest, painful joints, muscle weakness and spasticity, long-term disuse of muscles, immobilize limbs, and more. We invite everyone with different fitness backgrounds and lifestyles to experience the benefits of EMS/TENS technology. Whether you work in an office or perform labor outdoors, our goal at TrueStim is to give the gift of health and wellness to make everyday people feel relieved and relaxed everywhere and anywhere they go. 

  • Wireless | Touchscreen | 12 Settings | 6   Channels TrueStim Pro is a touch screen, wireless electrical muscle stimulator that combines pain relief and increases muscle performance.

  • Why the TrueStim Pro?  All the programs of the TrueStim Classic, while enjoying the freedom of no wires, Extremely easy to navigate touch screen interface. 20% more power than TrueStim *Classic*, Enhanced hardware for extremely *smooth* sensations. The capability of up to six isolated, individually controlled channels.12 therapeutic program

TrueStim Pro Includes:

- TrueStim Pro Device 

– 2 wireless receivers 

– 2 pairs of extension wires 

– 1 pair of large pads 

– 1 X wire – USB charging system 

– Treatment Guide 

– Truebelt

– True Slippers 

– True Spray 

– 8-year warranty certificate

Muscle Stimulator Accessories

TrueStim EMS Knee Wrap


  • This knee wrap utilizes conductive surface technology. This is an excellent electrotherapy tool to effectively treat the knee with the added features of variable compression and support. Effective for an area that is difficult to treat with self-adhesive electrodes.

TrueStim EMS Elbow Wrap


  • This Elbow Wrap utilizes conductive surface technology. This is an excellent electrotherapy tool to effectively treat the elbow with the added features of variable compression and support.

TrueStim EMS Wrist Wrap


  • This wrist brace utilizes conductive surface technology. This is an excellent electrotherapy tool to effectively treat the wrist with the added features of variable compression and support.

TrueStim Wireless Receiver


  • Reclaim control over your physical wellbeing, with an application specific to your needs. Suitable for use with the Truestim Pro, the Truestim Wireless Receivers are designed for addressing specific areas of pain. Get the most out of your personal therapy session by targeting the areas that need it the most.

Truestim EMS Gloves


  • The Truestim Therapeutic Gloves have woven conductive fibers for entire hand and wrist stimulation. Designed to be used with all Truestim machines, they provide pain relief from acute and chronic hand and wrist ailments. They also help increase blood circulation 

Truestim EMS Socks


  • The Truestim Therapeutic Socks have woven conductive fibers which offer entire foot, ankle and lower leg stimulation. These socks provide pain relief from acute chronic foot problems and lower leg ailments. These socks provide muscle stimulation and help increase blood circulation.


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